Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The one quality needed for the path : Love

Sufism is about loving the Beloved (God). Not that love tainted by hollywood branding, but a deeper, freer, purer and all encompassing, kind of unconditional love, which wherever it flows brings about LIFE. 

The love of a mother to a child, a person to the spouse, a sibling to a sibling are all forms along for the large scale of love. It is the one emotion that elevates the heart, enables us to perform small miracles everyday in the name of love. It is that which nourishes the soul, and make LIFE alive. 

It is the essential emotion that reminds of our origin, the Divine part of us, a love that belongs to the soul. All other forms are practice steps igniting our hearts with passion to each other and what lies beyond, God's Grace! That"s actually all we need to reach God, open hearts.

Monday, April 3, 2017


The most beautiful butterflies are born through the most gruesome metamorphosis, where the caterpillar digests its own tissues inside the pupa. 

Only through that pain is it possible for the 12-legged tree-hanging creature to transform itself into this delicate beautifully sculpted butterfly. 

The newly born butterfly is able to bring instant joy to the onlooker's heart and bring about magic with their tiny fluttering silky wings. Ground-bound turns into free-flying, a different species, a different plane of existence! سبحان الله

The Ultimate Gift

The ultimate gift you can give anyone is tuning in to their light, their good self and making them see it through your eyes. 

This alone can change lives as this light side/good part of them can grow and take over anything unfavorable. 

But if you focus on their weaknesses you automatically take away their power - even if you mean well. Beware of what your eyes fall upon, beware of the words you say, and beware of your power to lift or dampen a spirit. Beware of other people's hearts

كينبوع ماء صافى ينبض بلطف و اصرار. يخرج من قلبه فيض شفاف تتلالاء قطراته تحت شعاع الشمس. يولج منه فيض عذب يجلى الصخر و ينبت الزهورات. يروى بعذوبته الروح و يبعث السرور و يجذب الفراشات. فيض تبعث قطراته ريح الأرض وتجعلها تطفو للسماء. فيمتزج الأقصى بالأدنى و تدب الحياة فى الجماد. تلك هى الرحمة. و الرحمة هى قوة الإيجاد. ..

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cry it all out onto me

You can cry it all out onto me, like a wild river pouring into the calm ocean

You can fight the whole world inside of me and I shall promise you victory

Drop your shields and come bathe in the moonlight of my soul

I promise you only the night lilies will be watching

I promise you no one will see the scars under my gentle caress

Let me take your sweat into mine and turn the sour into sweet

Let me pour my breath into yours so it washes away the pain

Let my light flow inside of you like the rain

Cleaning, cleansing, and refreshing all the seeds and grains

Those of love and beauty, those of joy and happiness, taking out the weeds of guilt and shame

Come with me to the sun to throw out those weights

The sun shall burn them forever so we can both soar up higher and higher beyond any sphere, time, or name


 لحظات اجدنى أنشر يداى عالية رغبة فى وصالك واخريات اجدنى  اخبىء رأسى فى صدرى تسبيحا بعظمتك و بجلالك و ادراكا لوهنى و ضعفى أمامك
اجدنى فى النهار استظل بلطفك وعطفك و سترك و اتلحف برحمتك و حنانك عبر سواد الليل. ارانى اتكىء على قدرتك يا قدير حتى ترفع لى نجواى و تدمج مشيئتى بمشيئك بكرمك يا أكرم الاكرمين.
مولاي اتوسل اليك الرضا و العفو...فأنت الوحيد الواحد الأحد
مبتغاى أن تزيد الود فى نفسى لأصل لودك يا ودود و أن تزيدنى رحمة لانهل من رحمتك يا رحيم..
مولاي ارفعنى برحمتك و محبتك و لطفك عن شرور نفسى و سيئات اعمالى و أعنى على غلبة شهوات جوارحى و جموح نفسى.
مولاي ارسل على طيرك ينشرون رذاذ المسك من حولى فاجدنى سكرانة بحبك ملهمة بعشقك فلا اتنفس إلا الطيب و لا ترى عيناى إلا الجمال ولا تلمس يداى إلا الخير
مولاي زكى أنفاسى بإسمك القدوس فتطفو سراءرى إلى نورك تاركة كل ما هو أدنى..مولاى انت العليم و السميع..انت العفو و انت المجيب..
ملأت ظلمات نفسى بنورك فعدلت الميزان بمغفرتك..فارفعنى اليك و انفذ مشيئتك فى و لك من خلالى فأنت الحق وانت حق المعبود لا معبود إلا سواك.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Soul Collision

Souls are genderless sensual, sexual beings, and for sure they are all heart. They carry their own flavor and have a distinct imprint on other souls! 

Their proclaimed sexuality - for lack of a better word - is mainly out of the desire for union, the intensity of which can be of a rather nuclear nature. 

The collision of two souls in the higher realms has in itself  huge transformative potential. "Light upon Light" they sometimes call it, and it surely is a most beautiful thing...